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We’ve been working on pool fence (fixed and/or removable) installations for several years. There are only advantages to entrusting your project to us to secure access to your pool.

Our PiscineCloture installers have your family’s safety as priority one in all of our installations. We have realized countless projects in your region and are experts in adapting to every environment so ensure that the safety and security of your family is entrusted to a PiscineCloture installation specialist. If this wasn’t reason enough, here are more!

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List of Advantages

Best value
for money

We offer the best value for your money

Quote within
24 hours

We can get you a quote within 24 hrs

Fast installation turnaround

We can get your project from planning to realization fast

A solid, resilient, and reliable product

Our fences can be either fixed or removable to respond to your particular needs and environment

5-Year warranty on all our products fences and a 2-year warranty on installation

We offer a proven, durable and secure product that meets the high-quality standards required by Quebec Government (ASTM-F2286-16)

PiscineCloture fences can be installed on all types of surfaces

Simple and Quick Installation

Regardless of the surface on which we install your fence, you will benefit from a solid, secure, and visually appealing product that perfectly complements your existing environment and landscaping.




Synthetic Materials


And more!



Designed to adapt to all pool shapes



Above ground

Our (virtually transparent) fences will seamlessly integrate with your current landscaping and can adapt to all pool shapes, including in-ground, semi-inground, or above ground. We understand the importance of protecting your loved ones and guests, which is why we strive to offer you simple, effective, and perfectly tailored solutions. For these reasons, we will always listen to your needs to meet your expectations in terms of safety, aesthetics, and budget.

About Us

Our results are the combination of knowledge, technology and experience

We are a young company that has proven itself in the field and is constantly evolving to integrate the most recent and up to date products and installation techniques to remain the industry leader.

The new law requires it, and the safety of your children is something we take seriously! (New Federal and Provincial laws now require you to secure your pool environment.)

Choosing a pool fence is an important decision involving multiple factors that are unique to your needs and location.

Your safety really matters for us!

Our goal is to offer you a secure fencing solution that is discreet, attractive, and above all… safe.

We are more than confident that our products (fixed and/or removable) will not only meet all expectations in terms of safety for your family, but also surpass them in terms of beauty.

We are here to guide and advise you!

Our commitment to customer satisfaction not stop once the installation is complete.

We will continue to provide you with impeccable after-sales service to ensure a positive customer experience throughout your journey with PiscineCloture.

We will be there to answering all of your questions about our products and provide you with the right advice to ensure the safety of your entire family by properly securing access to your pool.


Discover our great results!

We are proud of our installations! Please take a look and start to envision how we can create a beautiful and secure environment for you.

We are trained to advise you on the fencing solution that best suits your pool and specific needs. With a deep understanding of current legal regulations regarding pool security, we can answer all of your questions and will guide you appropriately in choosing the best fencing solution to secure access to your pool.

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Your pool fences are covered with
5-years warranty


We will keep the style and harmony of your landscapee

During the installation of your pool fence, we always pay special attention to preserving your existing landscaping.

The removable fence can be installed on most any surface including concrete, interlocking pavers, grass, as well as on treated wood or synthetic balconies and patios.

Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding our products or our installation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover some helpful information

What is the warranty covering our products?

Your satisfaction is very important to us. That’s why our fences are guaranteed for a period of 5 years (from the date of installation) against any premature deterioration, fading, or manufacturing defects. The hinges and “MagnaLatch” locks are guaranteed for life by the part manufacturers.

Does a removable fence need to be removed for the winter?

No. We have been installing our
products for over 20 years and have installations in every corner of Quebec. This said,we can confirm that our fences withstand the weather and extreme
conditions of Quebec winters very well and therefore an remain in place throughout
the year.

What fence models do you offer?

We specialize in two models: ‘The Prestige” and
“Elite.”models.Depending on which you choose the chosen model, we offer several choices of colors
and fence heights. For the “Prestige” model, we have 4 color options and two height possibilities, either
4 or 5 feet tall.
The 4-foot-tall “Prestige” model is available in Black, Brown, Beige, or White.
The 5-foot-tall “Prestige” fences are only available in Black. Our “Elite” model fence, which is
4 feet tall, is available in Black and/or Brown.

What are the advantages of choosing a removable fence?

There are numerous advantages to opting
for a removable fence:
∙Our fence is the most attractive and cost-effective solution in Quebec for securing access to
your pool.
∙Our fences blend perfectly with your landscaping and can be installed around any pool shape.
∙It is an easy-to-handle product for all adults while being durable and safe ensuring your
children’s security.
∙Installation is completed within the same day and does not require any heavy construction work.
∙Depending on your municipality’s regulations, our fences can be either fixed or removable.
∙Our fences meet the high safety standards and “ASTM” criteria required by the Quebec

Is there a risk of damaging my landscaping during the fence installation?

No. Our installations are carried out without any heavy machinery that could damage your landscaping. The work is done with great care and respect for your property.

Will the installation of a removable fence damage my concrete or interlocking pavers?

No, not at all. We use state-of-the-art and ultra-modern drilling equipment, which allows us to perform quick, clean, and seamless installations.

Can the removable fence be easily taken down?

Absolutely, it only takes a few minutes for an adult to remove the fence and put it back in place, and we’ll be happy to show you how.

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